Sorry Anne Frank Im just not with you on this one..

1 May
In spite of everything,
I still believe that people
are really good at heart. 

I understand how moving and touching it was that she was able to say this in the end. Defiantly kudos to her. I am in no way trying to mock her or say that her belief was wrong. I just don’t agree. I believe that there was a time when everyone was good at heart in their life, but its so easy to loose that “goodness” in this world when you are not strong enough. So many people do so much to hurt others and do not care, or see the wrong in their ways. They never will. They will never change. Thats just how it is sometimes..


30 Apr

Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire – St. Catherine of Siena. 

Piggy love

18 Apr

Eating her strawberries!!!!


My FAV iPhone 4 Apps!

11 Apr

Oh iPhone I would be so lost without you and all your handy apps!

Facebook: Pretty self explanatory I must check that thing like every minute when Im not working

iLoader: This one is awesome. It is a photo uploader connected to my Facebook page. I can upload a ton of pics or vids at once with no problems. It lets me choose a specific album or even make a new album and set privacy settings for it. Its fairly quick for the amount of pics it uploads.

Ebay: I am a Ebay addicted fool. I shop on there for everything and purchase stuff weekly. The app is awesome and linked to my PayPal acct and I can make purchases quick and easy on the app. Also very easy to do specific searches and find the stuff I am looking for a buy or bid. I can also leave feedback and check all my ebay acct stuff and mesgs.

Amazon: Love Love Amazon, a internet shoppers dream. I can make purchases and shop and have good views of what I am interested in.

Kindle: It is connected to my Amazon acct. I can buy my books and read them on my iPhone. Also it is connected to my actual Kindle and the books appear on both!! I can change the font size and color for easier reading and read in the dark which I cannot do on my actual Kindle.

Flixster Movies: Great for checking movie times in your GPS located area. Also has reviews and you can watch trailers.

Netflix: Works if you have a Netflix acct. I can watch all my instant available movies and tv shows on my iphone. I can also add movies to my que..I love this app. Has gotten me through many long road trips.

Shazam: Hear a great song and not sure the name of it? Shazam it. This app will listen to a brief part of the song and 9 times outta 10 can find out the name of it for u, and also links you to itunes to buy it of course for your listening pleasure.

imikimi: Artistic app that you can take your photos from your iphone or Facebook and insert in hundreds of cute creative frames and change colors and edit the photos. It is so much fun and there is so many frames and photo edit options. Android doesn’t have this one which i think is sad..

Pocketbooth: Another photo app, this one actually acts like a photo booth with a timer and takes 4 shots of you back to back and puts them on a strip as well. You can choose from color,sepia and bw for your shots. Works really great on iPhone4 cause of the forward facing camer

WDW Walt Disney wait times: I like this app, It tells you how long the lines are at different theme parks and it shows a map of the park, you can get one for each disney park and theres one for Universal

Groupon: Oh this rules!! I have so far successfully bought 4 awesome Groupons. A cruise to the Bahamas, A trip to Wonderworks, A night in a resort and 2 tix to Arabian nights and a fitness boot camp that will whip me into shape next month. I paid more then half less that I would if I had bought full price normally.

SO those are the basic apps that I pretty much use on a daily basis. Yes even the Disney one. We go there a lot 🙂



Day ONE with Lash Ink by:Hard Candy

11 Apr

I am putting the Lash Stain to the test. I applied it around 11:00 Sunday morning. It went on pretty easy, I did a couple of coats just to get a thicker look with it. Then off to the beach for the day! SO far it has survived the beach and the ocean and a very long shower…Still Sunday now 9:15pm



Soooooo I can say that it DID last the full 4 days. The one thing tho it doesn’t stay that dark. It kinda fades. But it def didn’t wear off and I got my lashes wet and rubbed my eyes a couple of times. I didn’t get a good full lash effect from it tho and that’s the main thing I want with a mascara. But the color stayed on my lashes. So it did the main job it claimed to do xoxo Jax R.

Why do I not own one???

9 Apr

Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels!!! These are the most squishy adorable things I have ever seen. I think I may have come across the cutest animal on the planet.

Makeeee upppp and Haiirrrrrr!! <3

9 Apr

Soooooo I went shopping and found some awesome loose glitter/shimmer eye powders, Assorted Colors! I also grabbed a new product by Hard Candy called Lash Ink. It is a eyelash stain that is supposed to last 4 days! It says you can cry,laugh,shower, and rub your eyes and it will not come off. I am def testing it out!! I also picked up a new Matrix hair masque. I recently bleached my hair BLONDE and the new product I tried was pretty drying 😦 Sooooo I’m gonna try Biolage Hydratherapie creme masque and see what I get. I also couldnt resist getting a new nail color: Iced Merlot by PURE ICE….Im gonna wait on using that tho cause im keeping my nails aunatural for a couple of days, Just removed the hot pink and shatter yest…


Baby Opossum!!

8 Apr

Guinea pigs enjoying snax

4 Apr

Makee upppp!!

3 Apr

I lov falsies mascara

Buy one get one 50% sale at Ulta was a success!

Lovin new make-up!

Oh Ulta! How I love and adore you! Super fab sale buy one get one 50% off! I also received a coupon in the mail that gives me 20% off my entire purchase today through the 9th, I usually try to limit my trips there to once a month but I think I will have to make a exception this one timmeeee.. 8)